This site is a Dutch site on Moritz Schlick, edited by George M.H. van de Velde, grandson. It links to several international places of Moritz Schlick research and publications.
History and Aims of the Vienna Circle Foundation, Amsterdam
The Vienna Circle Foundation was created in 1978 to promote studies related to the work of the members of the Vienna Circle and to serve as the formal guardian of what was informally known as the Vienna Circle Archive. This archive comprises the scientific papers of Moritz Schlick and Otto Neurath.

How to Find the Archive
After Mulder's retirement from the University of Amsterdam, the archive was transferred to the Haarlem branch of the Dutch State Archival System, the
"Noord-HollandsArchief". A detailed finding-aid has been prepared by Reinhard Fabian, Graz; this is also digitally available. A microfiche version of the archive has also been made. Copies of these microfiches were disseminated to various other places: they can be consulted in Vienna (Institut Wiener Kreis), Graz, Konstanz, and Rostock (only Schlick). Later on, also sharper images were made of the material for digital consultation.
For publication of archival material written permission of the Noord-Hollands Archive is needed.

Board Members
The board of the foundation consists of Prof. A. J. Kox (see also his Vienna Circle site), P.H. Polak, dr. G.M.H. van de Velde (grandson of M. Schlick, see email) and Prof. J. van Benthem (See also the site of the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation).
After Mulder's death in 1998 Van Benthem became chairman; in addition dr. B. Willink from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, was asked to join the Board.

Rostock Lecturers
For lectures at Rostock University see the site of University Rostock, Germany.


Prinz Eugenstrasse 68, Vienna

With son and daughter, about 1926